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MANUAL (together with Valya Fetisov), 3-channel video installation, 2009

The video documentation of the bomb preparation is shown on three screens. The recipe is taken from «The Anarchist Cookbook» (1971) which can now be easily accessed on the web. In the style of TV cooking-shows, the artist presents to the European spectator his or her deepest unreflected fear. To what extend is this fear confirmed by the reality of danger? Isn't it, rather, a symptom of manipulation and of the will of the system to forcibly regulate society? In the context of such spectator reflection, and of the assumption, that media images are being exploited to manipulate our consciousness, this video becomes the place of consolidation of protests – the hypothetical threat from the outside and against media that serves globalisation. The three-channel video re-thinks the classical readymade.The recipe loses its pragmatics by being exhibited, the bomb is symbolically neutralised and as a piece of art obtains new value, open for interpretation.