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NAIL, murano glass, 60x30x1cm, 2015

The formal decision for my project takes it´s start from such a cultural phenomenon as nail design.
Nail design is a universal way of expression for many women all over the world. It´s formal language is ubiquitous, and being on the one hand the means of personal self expression, it also marks a certain layer of society. I consider nail design one of the new means for folk art to manifest itself nowadays. In my opinion, nail design has straight connections with such a well known notion as folk ornament or pattern. Centuries ago, flower ornaments were a necessary part for female outfits. The most incredible color combinations as well as fine work formed delicate embroideries, pearls or gems (for every culture in it´s own way) gave those outfits a rich sparkle.
Nowadays, when mass market is not leaving much possibilities of self expression for middle and lower class, one of the fewer solutions is nail design. It´s quite astonishing, how fantastic flowers, pearls, rhinestones form unique compositions on a tiny nail plate area. The craft of a manicurist is almost as delicate and skilful, as of those lace-makers or embroiderers of the past. What does it tell us about our time? Maybe, behind of what is considered by many “kitsch” or “bad taste”, we are missing a very important element of folk art, based on bald self expression and understanding of beauty? The dress code of our society as far as unattainability of the luxury products for most of the people, comes out in fitting all the elements of what collective consciousness considers “beauty” or “signs of prosperity” on one square centimetre of the finger nail. Diamonds, flowers, pearls, glitter, even the motives of sunsets and palms are to be found as the typical elements. Maybe, we are now missing a very important component of contemporary visual culture?